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DesignCafe stands out as a prominent soonicorn in the field of home interior design solutions in India. Originating in Bangalore, this acclaimed company has expanded its footprint to over 10 cities across the nation. Renowned for its comprehensive approach, DesignCafe seamlessly manages every aspect of home solutions, ensuring quality is maintained at every stage of the process. What sets them apart is their commitment to hassle-free services and adherence to proper timelines, providing customers with a stress-free and efficient experience from the inception to the completion of their home interiors.


DesignCafe faces challenges in communicating quotes and tailoring solutions to individual client needs efficiently. The current process results in time-consuming delays and setbacks. Moreover, managing customer leads lacks a streamlined approach, relying on traditional methods like emails and PDF sharing, which proves cumbersome and lacks operational efficiency.


Create a platform for the customers with a summary of requirements and costs. Through that, they can access the requirement details, easily decide on the list of items, and proceed with payment. Which generates more lead conversion and good customer experience.

User Journey

1. Quote Summary

  • Users start by viewing a comprehensive quote summary that includes a breakdown of costs, personalized messages, an overview of their specific requirements, and the assigned designer's profile.

2. Payment Details

  • The app provides a transparent view of payment details, including milestones, EMI options, and any ongoing offers. Users can easily access payment links for a seamless transaction experience.

3. Room Details

  • Users explore a detailed list of rooms, each with individual costing. The app also displays product details specific to each room, including quantities and prices. A gallery showcases interior design models for each room, providing a visual representation.

4. Supporting Details

  • The app offers additional support through frequently asked questions (FAQs) to address common queries. Users can review terms and conditions, ensuring clarity on the project's scope, and check the warranty information for added assurance.


This wireframe ensures a user-friendly experience, empowering customers to understand, customize, and seamlessly proceed with the interior design quoting process while having access to relevant supporting details.

Main Screens

Supporting Screens


As a result, DesignCafe has not only overcome previous communication challenges but has also successfully achieved its goals of creating a customer-centric platform that promotes lead conversion and ensures a positive and efficient customer experience from project inception to completion. This transformation solidifies DesignCafe's position as a leader in the home interior design solutions market in India.