I’m Rahul
 Art Director 

working with startups & brands

to create their dreams.

About Me

10 years of experience and worked with top clients from different sectors. Hands-on with the user interface and experience design.


What I Do.

In my career I have handled various roles and that helping me see everything all perspectives. I am familiar with all mediums and working with experienced creative people.

Art & Design

This is my first weapon and 100% confident with aesthetics, color, layouts, selection of types. Always experiment with design and strictly following the current trends.


It’s a science for me. A better understanding of the user and target goal. I am following a certain process to make the final product such as sitemap, wireframe, prototyping, testing & visual design.

Social Media Content.

The whole world lives on social media, so why not showcase your creativity and become part of the world. This is the space where one can easily find their audience, converse and build communities, just by creating exciting and interesting content. And this role excites me the most.


Animation always helps to give life to my creatives. Using Animate cc (Flash) and After effects to achieve this. I am capable of creating logo animation, web prototypes, animated videos.


My Projects

Showcasing some of my projects that I have done in the past. There lots to show but I am keeping few that relevant to the current trend.


Get In Touch.

Feel free to call me anytime, I am ready to help with your creative requirements and open to suitable opportunities.

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